Hi there!
Are you a member of an online community?
Then this project was created for you.

Our participation in societies have always been guarded by rules. Rules that are made into law. They have been in place both to protect us and also to protect society as a whole from us.

Much of what we used to do offline is now done online. We join networks, buy things, learn things and socialize. We use some services to sign up to other services and become more and more engulfed in the online reality that is our new home.

The problem is that we don’t know the rules. And the rules are not the same every where. Some places have no rules, some have very strict rules and some have rules that are never enforced.

Imagine suddenly being banned from your favorite community. Would you know why it happened? Would you know what you could do about it? If there even is anything to do about it?

This is where Netiquette Review comes in. We rate online communities and show you what you are allow to do and what you not allowed to do.

If you have been suspended or banned, let us know. We are eager to learn more about the how different communities apply their own rules.

This project was created by me, Janet Alexandersson. I’m a Swedish lawyer with a background in legal philosophy, human rights and business law.